Do you know that you can change?

Do you know that you do deserve to thrive in all that you do, just because you can?

Do you know you can stop those bad feelings now?

You can let go of the weight of the past and be the creator of your tomorrow!

The most wonderful thing I have learned is how to connect with me, I know how to do this effortlessly now.

You too, can feel great for your today and stamp new foot prints into your tomorrow

I tailor each session to suit each person and problem. Your situation is unique and the right steps need to be taken for the right outcome. 


Prices fot Adults 

One session - Up to 2 hours $250 (Couples + $50 p/h)
Two sessions - $450 
Three sessions - $690 anymore than that add $190 per session

Prices for 8 to 17 years olds

One session -  $140 
Two sessions - $260 
Three sessions - $390