This  Alice in Wonderland quote, is so relevant to the work that I do with each of my clients. Each time a client walks through my office door and takes a seat, I get curious. And it’s a good thing too, to be curious that is. The more that I can discover, unravel and help to resolve, the better. It brings so much relief and immense joy to my clients, and in turn a far greater outcome for each one.


I love the way the human mind works, what it can do to protect itself from pain, it’s intriguing. The subconscious and the conscious mind can become conflicted a lot. And without the right type of tools, life can be very overwhelming and unnecessarily challenging.  This then filters down into family life, career and love life. Starting with the first session, my clients get to understand and really identify with their true self… and once this connection is made…. Whoa.. hang on, everything feels different, a little lighter and  easier.

Once  the decision is made to make a change, the rest is a breeze..



Michele Hayward / 2014