Why am I passionate about what I do? 


I get excited because change can happen so quickly.

After all how long did it take for you to have this problem?

Would you like to do something about it now?

Time is so precious and you can have the life you want.


“Be the change that you want to see in your world”



Michele Hayward is the founder of Michele Hypnotherapy.

Michele is a qualified hypnotherapist primarily trained in Ericksonian and Elman hypnosis processes. She is an nlp practitioner, time line therapist, results coach and she uses eft also. Additionally, Michele has been trained and certified in the Judith Richards trauma process.

Her clients say that she is inspiring, compassionate, intuitive and the session’s life changing. Michele loves guiding her clients to get in touch with their abundant resources, which they can tap into them a little at a time and pull them out. This is where the exciting changes just begin….

Michele is a proud mother of 4 children and wife to Michael, who live on the beautiful east coast of Northern New South Wales.